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  • Dr. Patricia Wallace saved my life. I had a severe case of interstitial cystitis. I had been to two other male urologists. The first one claimed he could cure my problem but all that he did was give me one DMSO instillation after another which is very painful. His office was small and it wasn't very private. The next male urologist was at a large urology clinic. He had no bedside manner. Refused to give me anything for the pain. Had his nurse handle most everything (and she was nice) but all he offered were varying formulas of instillations. It wasn't until I went to Dr. Wallace that I learned that some of my severe pain was from accumulation of oxalates in the bladder and genital region. She advised me to eat low oxalate foods and to take Calcium Citrate which I take religiously now and if I'm in a flare I take more. And this worked. I have my life back. I only have to see her once in a while. I don't have to take instillations over and over again or learn how to give them to myself. She has treated me also for occasional bladder and vaginal infections. She's kind, friendly, and listens to me. I've had no issues with the office. Thank you Dr. Wallace for giving me my life back.

    Tracy T. Patient
  • I hesitated to see yet another urologist about my bladder pressure. I am a 51-year-old menopausal woman, who cannot sleep because I feel like I have to pee every 10-15 minutes throughout the wee morning hours. Well, this doctor is different. Dr. Wallace thoroughly read my pages and pages of notes and forms before coming in to meet me, she asked good questions and discussed my discomfort, listened and HEARD what I was saying, evaluated the symptoms very scientifically and logically, and she expressed a genuine interest in helping me with my discomfort. Dr. Wallace is truly amazing and a credit to her profession. She was professional, gentle, complete and thorough, followed through on every action she said she would like to take, devised a short-term plan of attack, and was VERY organized. I felt that I could count on her and trust her knowledge and expertise. I finally feel I am in good hands after some bad experiences with urologists who did not care. I should not have waited so long to book an appointment. Dr. Wallace is a gem!afterwards!

    Allie K. Patient
  • My wife is a current patient of Dr. Wallace and she is so pleased with her outstanding treatment and bedside manner that I feel compelled to write a complimentary review. My wife is a RN who has worked at Mission, Hoag, and Long Beach Memorial Hospitals, and she is a critical judge of the care, knowledge, judgement, and treatment provided by physicians. Dr. Wallace performed bladder repair surgery on my wife, and when she awoke she told me that she heard Dr. Wallace inform the anesthesiologist that he should not start until she was present in the operating room. This was to allow her to reassure my wife on the operating table that the procedure would go smoothly and as the anesthesia was begun, she held my wife's hand. Amazing to have a doctor care so much for her patient that she would do this. First class medicine and an exceptional doctor.

    Joe B. Patient's Spouse
  • Dr. Wallace is a very compassionate doctor, who takes the time to listen. She is extremely knowledgeable in treating women with problems relating to urology and/or gynecology. I am a person with pelvic floor tension myalgia, Dr. Wallace has been the most helpful doctor to date. She has tried several different treatments to give me the very best relief from pain. I have appreciated her kindness and understanding so very much.

    Eileen W. Patient
  • Dr. Benderev was great! With a procedure like this that can be extremely stressful for us guys, he and his office made sure I was informed and had everything I needed to ensure everything went smoothly. The actual procedure was incredible short and pretty painless. The technique he employees does not use a scalpel or stitches which was a big part of my anxiety about this deal! He uses a high pressure tool that creates one small hole (vs two CUTS often) while delivering the local anesthetic so the only feeling you get is an initial rubber band like flick. After that, it was quick, easy, and I was on my way. Even drove myself home. I experienced very little post surgery discomfort. When I did, it was because five painless days later, I momentarily forgot about my surgery and ran up a couple of stairs by accident. I called Dr. Benderev later that day directly on his cell phone and he advised me what to do and monitor. The unique part was, he was off getting married, and he STILL answered his phone and took tim to advise me. Everything was ok in the end and I am doing great. I can't recommend Dr. Benderev highly enough!

    LeRoy N. Patient
  • If your reading this review your considering a time and a headache and call Dr. Benderevs office and schedule a consult now! I'm 28 years old with 3 kids and I knew it was time to cutt the cords but I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of a VASECTOMY. I've gotten punched, kicked, and doe-d-tapped in the nutts countless times while drunk with friends or accidental incidents. The pain of those incidences  ran threw my mind during the thought of getting the procedure done and my nutts ran back up my stomach as if I was 11 years again... Dr.B was AMAZING! He took the time to explain everything to me and even made some jokes to "lighten up the mood". What blew me away was how he called me after the procedure, in the evening following the procedure, and the next morning!! He wanted to make sure I was comfortable and if I had any issues he told me to CALL HIM. I wish I could have his as my normal Doctor because dude is pretty fucken awesome. Thank you Dr.B and all the staff you guys are awesome.

    Michael M. Patient
  • Great experience, or at least as good as it can be with this sort of procedure. Vasectomy went quick and painless and Dr. B was professional and very good at what he does. Getting a vasectomy should trump what women have to go through as far as birth control, way quicker and less recovery time. I was super anxious but Dr. B made me feel comfortable as possible. Insurance was taken easily and staff was friendly. Only wish he was at the Corona office more frequently cause I would have preferred that over the MV office but all good! Thanks again!

    Brian U. Patient
  • I was in the same boat as every one else Thinking why im i getting a vasectomy When my wife could just get her tubes tied After so much research my wife had given birth to my three beautiful  children. I wanted to be a man and step up to the plate and have the procedure done. It's very true women were born more mentally stronger than us we need to step up to the plate men an increase the vasectomy procedure percentage There more risk for women and more painful. As far as Dr Benderev i came all the way from San Fernando valley to mission Viejo I wanted the best doctor to do my procedure I would drive further if need it. The procedure was painless just as advettise no needle no scalpel and while worth it. Thank you Dr. Benderev

    Sal N. Patient



Current Management of Male Urinary Incontinence

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Glossary of Terms

An abdominal repair for advanced prolapse, using mesh to secure the vagina or cervical stump to the ligament along the front of the sacrum. Can be done open or laparoscopic/robotic.

Made up of internal and external sphincter muscle- responsible to bowel control.

Also know as vulvovaginal atrophy VVA- lack of estrogen in the vulvovaginal tissues leads to thinning, dryness, pain with intercourse, vaginal and bladder infections. Typically occurs after menopause or from anti-estrogen treatment post breast cancer, can occur on birth control pills.

Vaginal surgery to repair a cystocele.

Involuntary loss of stool.

A small sensitive and erectile part of the female external genitals at the top of the labia minora.

A fold of skin that surrounds and protects the glans of the clitoris.

Difficulty with evacuation of bowels, hard stools, infrequent stools.

Relaxation of the anterior wall of the vagina. Can lead to sensation of pressure or bulge, incomplete voiding.

Office procedure to look into bladder with thin camera.

Pain with intercourse or intimacy, can be acquired or  primary, temporary or long term, caused by many different issues: VVA, dryness, vulvar vesitibulitis, episiotomy scar, pelvic floor muscle spasm, lichen sclerosis, psychological.

Main female hormone that receptors all over the body; hair, skin, genital.

A condition that creates patchy, white skin that’s thinner than normal.

Used to help with intercourse when feeling dry; water-based-glycerin-free, water-based-glycerin based, silicon based, oil based.

Supplement that coats the bladder to help prevent/reduce bladder infections.

Vaginal hernia where a peritoneal sac containing small bowel extends into the rectovaginal space between the posterior surface of the vagina and the anterior surface of the rectum.

Reduced sensation in genitals or reduced orgasm.

Lack of or decreased interest in sex.

A condition defined by urgency, frequency, and bladder pain for > 6 weeks with no identifiable cause.

Removal of the uterus, with or without the tubes and ovaries-can be done open, vaginal, laparoscopic, robotic.

Minora- thin lips inner lips of the vulva- meet superiorly at the clitoris-vary in size and shape, Majora-larger lips with hair.

Procedure to reduce size of labia.

“Kegel” muscles – group of muscles that make up the pelvic floor.

Cessation of menstrual cycle > 12 months; average age 52 years old.

Material used in most slings for stress incontinence, also used in prolapse repairs for advanced prolapse.

A surgery to treat stress incontinence- >85% dry rate.

Tightness in the pelvic floor muscle; can lead to pain, leakage, pressure, urgency and frequency.

Relaxation in the pelvic/vaginal walls: cystocele, rectocele. enterocele, uterine, vaginal vault.

Specially certified physical therapists who treat pelvic floor disorders; leakage, prolapse, pain.

Vaginal repair of a rectocele.

Relaxation of posterior wall of vagina. Can to lead sensation of pressure or bulge, rectal pressure, incomplete evacuation.

45% of women report problems related to sex causing them distress.

Repair of an anal sphincter tear- almost always from childbirth. Better results if done closer to delivery, however can be done at any age, if stool loss and tear are present.

The involuntary loss of urine with activity or cough.

Radiofrequency device used to treat vaginal dryness and laxity.

The loss of urine when desire to void or urge causes leakage.

Involuntary loss of urine.

Term often used to describe a bladder infection; cystitis.

Top or apex of vagina once uterus has been removed.

Relaxation and prolapse of the top/apex of vagina.

Repair of vault prolapse through the vagina- sacrospinous, iliococcygeus, uterosacral suspensions or through the abdomen-uterosacral or sacral colpopexy.

Inflammation of the vagina, either due to infection, bacterial imbalance, or allergic.

Made up of the labia majora, minora, clitoris, vestibule, urethral opening.

A condition describing chronic pain of the vulva-generalized or localized.

A bladder function test done to evaluate urinary leakage.

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